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Hello Great Class

Great time this semseter I learned alot and will take what I learned and use it in my future classroom Thank you everyone and the instructors.

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Using social networking in the classroom

Wow using social networking in the classroom, this is a very interesting Idea that I’m not too sure about and have mixed feeling about. I have not taught in a classroom environment so my thoughts on teaching are vague but this is what I think. The use of such social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Ning and much more could be used in the classroom to post class syllabus’s homework and much more. I’m sure that the use of networks in the classroom and be more proactive way of learning for students. Like the Ability to chat live many people and exchange different ideas with fellow students. This would also allow students to ask questions about things in class that they could not understand, or were too shy to ask in class. This also allows students to view videos of class and notes that they missed if they were not able to attend class that day due to sickness ect. This is definitely better then relaying on someone else’s notes, which may have a different way of taking notes and learning from the student who missed class. I would also use this to allow students to comments on the lesson thought that day and ways to improve the class. This allows the students the opportunity to make the way they learn easier and fun, allowing them to learn at their pass outside the classroom. I feel that allowing the students feel like they are a part of the way they learn allows them to learn better and more interested in their studies. Many of these sites allow you to chat with whoever is online in that particular social group and allows for question to be asked amongst each other or the instructor. These sites also allow students to publish their work and also drafts that it took to get to there. So peers can revise each other’s work and in all essence learn from one another. This is a blog page that I found to be interesting maybe helpful to others; Julie Lindsay wrote a very interesting blog on Social networking in the classroom .
I’m still skeptical about the safe use of these social networks in the classroom and exposing students to all that goes on, on these sites.  Yeah we can restrict who has access to the class page, but many students can be exposed to a lot of unwanted interactions that many parents and teachers fear. We cannot control who they interact with or add their page’s, but if we can teach the students about the dangers, maybe they will have a better understanding of how to use the sites and what dangers to watch out for. So to say that the bad outweighs the good is hard to say, I feel that there is a lot of good in using these social networking  sites in the classroom but also a lot of unwanted exposure. Yes it is scary to think of all the bad but the good is also there. Many of these social networking sites are aimed at the youth, so we might as well use it to our advantage many of today’s youth spend a lot of time on these sites anyway. I think this is a good way of connecting back with today’s youth and making learning fun again, but without the dangers.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Wiki In The Classroom

Hmm the Wiki for the class room I think I would use the Wiki in the classroom more for note taking and posting class schedules on it. I’m still a little skeptical of using Wikis in the classroom, But if I were to use it would be more of an interactive way for students to update notes and look at what is going to be going on in the classroom. I would also put lesson plans, reading and writing workshops and other helpful web links as well as video recourses. We use the computer and spell check so much that many students have forgotten how to spell, the technology we have is great but not all the time it works out great. I would expect my students to contribute to the note taking portion of the site outing notes in that will help other students who are not very good at taking notes. In this way students will help out their peers and learn from one another. This would be the student’s way to express their thought to other students and also post helpful lessons that helped them learn as well and links. The use of this technology in the classroom is still a working progress but maybe when I get done and start teaching; teachers and school districts will have a better understanding on how to use the wiki and blogs in the classroom.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Wiki Wacky World!!!

This combination of curriculum and wiki was a good wiki I found to be very interesting in lesson planning with many recourses and a wiki site, I would definitely use as a recourse being  a new teacher  and also being new to the wiki world. The wiki site is called Curriki: . This next wiki site is Wiki Teach I like the lessons they use a lot of useful hyper links for reference’s and make the lesson and objectives simple a clear, as a student new to this interactive cyber learning this is defiantly a user friendly site: . This next wiki site I found very interesting I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar and this wiki site is a useful site of lesson plans to learning, teaching and just plain reading about music. This would definitely have made music class fun: So many wiki site to found and used on the web it’s really interesting how much fun facts and useful information I found on the web. The use of wikis and Blogs are definitely going to make my teaching experience a lot of fun and interesting.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Pedaogy of a changing education system"

         At first thought of this assignment I was like great here we go again engaging in more senseless readying. I went to Will Richards’s blog and read a few of his blogs and thoughts of read/write on the web and in the classroom environment. In one of the blogs I read he talked about a school he had visited and they were having an orientation on about the school districts policy on the use of school computers. The goes on to say how they were making it so hard to use computers that the faculty and students would rather not use them at all. I felt this same way when I was in school I would rather much use my own computer then to have to deal with all the rules set forth. If the school were open the idea of encouraging the students to use this fine tool of learning students as teachers alike would use them.
         This is true with any new pedagogy people are reluctant to change for some odd reason they are. Is it because they will have to do more work by changing their teaching curriculum making it more exciting for students to attend class. We are entering a profession that seems to frown a lot on change, it not such a bad thing to change. Many teachers seem to hear the word change and the feel like they have to change everything at once but, but to integrate the old with the new and allow them to change with one another is not so bad. To open new ideas and new interactive ways of learning to a student give him more dive to want to learn. As Will say’s in his blog he would change the 8 page monster to “Admirable Use Policy” how if students picked this up and it read: Admirable Use Policy that’s student would eager to go to class. I do agree that we should involve the use of more technology in our classrooms but only to a curtain extent, use and monitor the use of the internet in the lower grade levels such as the elementary school. But still show them the right way and wrong ways to use the internet ie. Blogging, wikis, and other social networking. This is something that should be implemented at the Jr. High to high school levels. Will points out that it is up to use to show the students at an early age the right and wrong ways to use this way of learning.
         This new pedagogy will take awhile to be implemented with most schools but some have already some schools are still stuck on the whole Standardized testing is the right tool, even that still not excepted everywhere teachers still argue about its use. Just as they will this new outlook on teaching but I feel that the new and old ways of teaching can still coexist use both to teach. This is a battle that I hope I’m ready get into the mix of because it’s going to go away overnight. I’m willing to learn more of this new idea of education and technology; I’m up for the challenge “let the battle begin”.

“hooah” Army Strong Ronnie Foster